Weight Watchers "Awaken Your Incredible" (2014) 1:00 (Australia)


Weight Watchers "Awaken Your Incredible" (2014) 1:00 (Australia)

Wow, what a strikingly different tone from the American celebrity endorsement spots usually associated with Weight Watchers. This idea makes us aspirational, not some millionaire actress who is now being paid to lose weight. Instead, we get "Awaken your incredible." The message is smart without being obtuse. Just by being here, by being born, we've done something incredible. our lives are incredible. We're constantly finding the ability and courage to overcome, better ourselves and be the best we can be.

This puts dieting (and by extension, Weight Watchers) as just one more incredible thing we can do.

In some small way this is akin to Dove's "Evolution" campaign. It's quieter. There's no huge point about society. And in some cases, that's what makes it more universal.

To make the experience even more personalized, Weight Watchers entered into a partnership with Getty Images. Visitors to Weight Watchers' Incredible You site can answer a series of probing questions about their life experiences. After, they're provided with free access to specifically selected photographs from the Getty Images library. They can then select the images that most appeal to them, which are used to fashion a truly cinematic representation of their incredibleness. And then of course, they can share on social media.



WOW! This is an incredible and inspiring commercial! This would be great in USA. Bring it on!,