Worried about cybercrime & card skimming? No worries, Westpac Cardguard protects you. "With all our data being captured and movements being monitored these days, the truth is we all have a bit of our paranoid tinfoil hat-wearing hero in us," says DDB executive creative director Shane Bradnick. "Westpac has always used humour to show the these truths about ourselves we never really want to admit. So, while CardGuard may not stop our internet usage being monitored, at least we can use our cards without having to worry so much about them being skimmed, scammed or scanned."
Using the perfect soundtrack - Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" - we follow our paranoid man from home to work, and lunch in between. The only thing he needs not put in tinfoil is his card. Cute way of selling the service, and the sound design is top notch as the song switches over to the super market speakers when he's shopping.

See also Westpac - Tinfoil Hat Man / Satellite dish :15

DDB Group New Zealand Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick Senior Copywriter: Natalie Knight Senior Art Director: Corinne Goode Managing Partner: Elizabeth Beatty Account Director: Mark Wilson Senior Account Manager: Deepika Goundar Account Executive: Kate Coppersmith Planning Director: Rupert Price Executive Producer: Judy Thompson Agency TV Producer: Samantha Royal Production Company: Scoundrel Director: Tim Bullock Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro DOP: John Toon Production Designer: Neville Stevenson Offline Editor: Adam Wills Online: Blockhead Sound Design: The Coopers Music: ‘Somebody’s watching me’ by Rockwell Licensing: Jonathan Hughes, Franklin Rd

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