WET - Shot at Love / Killer looks (2009) 2:41 (USA)


WET - Shot at Love / Killer looks (2009) 2:41 (USA)

Wet developer A2M decided to announce the new game with a splash... or splat, kablammo, ka-pow and a song. In this viral ad, the men shot down by Rubi all sing her praises with their last breath.

Wet is 3rd person shooter which tells the story of Rubi, a gun for hire who works for a man who is not who he claimed to be. With Rubi now on the run, she is trying to find the man who left her for dead and leaving a massive body count in her wake. Yaknow, the usual.

Ad Agency: Ayzenberg, USA
Creative Director: Blake Firstman
Agency Producer: Annie Hards
Copywriter: Clark Crozer, Jack Collier
Production Company: Creative Monster
Director: Jamie Sterba
DP: Kevin Sarnoff
EP: Scott Flor
Producer: Theresa Marth
Post/Effects: Identity FX
VFX/Inferno Artist: Christian Severin (3D), Leo Vezzali (Compositing)
EP: David Van Woert, Leo Vezzali
Editorial: Ayzenberg
Editor: Chris Scheer
Telecine: Co3
Colorist: Santiago of Co3
Composer: Michael A. Cohen (ASCAP)


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