This is a bit mind blowing. The Russian Chapter of The International Federation Of Photographic Art or FIAP and mfive group Moscow created this completely bananas interactive video aimed at photographers to get them using manual settings instead of automatic ones.

The first person POV works nicely in this capacity and whatever the guy is whistling is stuck in my head. It starts off feeling like it's one of them Saw movies or somethin'. See because using Manual is scary. But then they show you, nah it's not that scary.

If you have a camera, try it out with the above video, because it is just an awesome idea that is meant to be played with. If you don't have a camera and just watch it, it acts as a great teaser, too.

Otherwise, you can be lazy and check out the side by side vimeo presentation below.
Now if Only the FIAP would encourage people to dump their Instagram filters. Heh!

Nice job, guys!

The presentation of interactive film "What Is There in the Darkroom?" from mfive on Vimeo.

Credits: Advertising Agency: mfive creative group, Moscow, Russia, Creative Director/Copywriter: Marina Majorova Director/Art Director: Maksim Buchenkov Production company: mfive Client: FIAP Russia