Widerøe – the largest regional airline in Scandinavia – and McCann Oslo, launch Norwegian Meeting Services (or Norsk Møteservice, in Norwegian) in this stock-image-come-to-life spot for a proxy meeting service.
All of the employees will go to all your meetings in your place, wherever Widerøe flies. Sadly they don't fly to L.A. or I would totally have them go to the briefing this morning. They do however, fly to 43 destinations in Scandinavia. SO there's that.

There's even a website where you can book an agent to take your place at the meeting. They will handpick the right person to take your place, and you can feed that person details about who you are meeting with so they can act appropriately. Ha.

There are also a a whole bunch of webisodes which are hilarious. Nice job guys. Please start flying to L.A. so I can book you.

Client: Widerøe: Åsta Braathen, Hanne Bruusgaard, Even Aas Eng McCann Oslo: Consultant: Linda Kling Producer: Christopher Dons Project manager: Camilla Drake Raanaas Fixer/factotum: Karl Bryhn Art Director: Torstein Greni Copywriter: Stein Simonsen Performance: Aon Naqvi, Joakim Vars Nilsen, Tone Helene Angsund Digital: Production company: Good Morning Designer: Jørgen Winsnes Producer: Karen Vaksdal Madsen Film: Production company: Bacon OSL Producer: Ola Narum Berg Direction: Ordinary People (Kristoffer Borgli, Matias Rygh and Mathias Eriksen)

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