Welcome to the Wiserhood, which from what I can tell is a bunch of old guys in smoking jackets slow clapping when you make a smarmy manipulative move against your girlfriend when choosing a movie. Somehow that all has something to do with whisky.

Love the casting and comedic timing. The "romantic" line delivery is very funny.
I'll bet the creatives had a lot of fun designing the poster for "Swan Song."

Client: Corby Distilleries Limited Agency: john st. Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker/Stephen Jurisic Creative Directors: Chris Hirsch/Nellie Kim Writer: Chris Hirsch Art Director: Nellie Kim Agency Producer: Dale Giffen Account Service: Ian Brooks/Mark Graham/Zalona Caruso Director: Benji Weinstein Production Company: Steam Films Inc. Editor: Griff Henderson – Posterboy Edit Visual FX: The Vanity Music/Audio: Vapor Music