Wokker "Can't wash it off" (2014) :10 (Russia)


Wokker "Can't wash it off" (2014) :10 (Russia)

Russian noodle chain Wokker gets trippy in this new campaign involving a dude who is obsessed with his favorite food. All the videos in this campaign are short, and meant for sharing on social media. I guess a buzzword type would call them "snackable." Get it? Snack? Oh nevermind.

Client: Wokker: Co- founder of the cafes and inspirer of the idea- Alexey Gisa
Agency: Hungry Boys
Creative director: Vlad Sitnikov
Creators: Konstantin Kupriyanov, Arseniy Vorfolomeev
Editor: Arthur Mirochnichenko
Account managers: Kirill Bazarnov, Lubov Chubataya
Video editing: Maxim Malahov


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