Wokker "No hands" (2014) :15 (Russia)


Wokker "No hands" (2014) :15 (Russia)

One dude is so obsessed with Russian noodle chain Wokker that he has perfected the art of eating them. Without hands. This new, trippy campaign for Wokker is short and sharable.

Client: Wokker: Co- founder of the cafes and inspirer of the idea- Alexey Gisa
Agency: Hungry Boys
Creative director: Vlad Sitnikov
Creators: Konstantin Kupriyanov, Arseniy Vorfolomeev
Editor: Arthur Mirochnichenko
Account managers: Kirill Bazarnov, Lubov Chubataya
Video editing: Maxim Malahov
Read more at http://adland.tv/commercials/wokker-believe-2014-15-russia#1SW5Ru82A2BXI...


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