Wonder bra - "stare into the spiral" viral spec.


Wonder bra - "stare into the spiral" viral spec.

Bren and Luke's quick intro to this spot :"An ad that myself and my partner put together. Possible viral, mpu or tv spot."

Spot inside.
I don't know about you, but I think the spot goes on for 30 seconds longer than it should, it's a 48! Or make that 48 seconds longer than it should. Perhaps I just really have a short attention span from drinking too many Jolt Colas today.

Bonus for those who like flash youtube link.

Bren & Luke



It took two people to create that? One cuts and the other pastes?

"Happiness is overrated."

I assume they're a traditional art/copy team. :-)

It's long because old internet-meme gags using this "stare into X" trick are long - in this case it just doesn't work as well as they might have thought.

Does anyone know CPR!!! Dabitch mentioned that you lot were a bit stiff.

Go to youtube, the effect is much better on there.

Dabitch mentioned that you lot were a bit stiff.

No I didn't. Please don't put words in my mouth.

"Go to youtube, the effect is much better on there."

What are you high on? The effect is the exact same on both youtube and here. There's no reason to get pissy just because I didn't think the effect worked very well. I know what effect you are trying to acheive. Suck it up. You'll have to get used to people sharing their opinions about your work in advertising.

The boobs "grow" equally much on youtube as they do here. The question is where will you get an audience that captivly stares into the spiral. Cinema?

It lacks a VO and soundtrack, something amusing to listen to while staring to keep people staring. One in the team is a writer, yes?

Io sono un clown e faccio collezione di attimi - H.Böll

Thanks, Andreas-Udd, now I get it. You are supposed to do what the text at the start says without getting bored and looking away.

Now that I have done that, (not looking away, that is, I was still bored) it looks to me like a plain old camera zoom into a still frame.

That old kid's optical illusion just doesn't work like it used to when I did it was a kid.

"Happiness is overrated."

That's exactly what I mean by doesn't work as well as they thought. While it is an optical illusion, it really lacks the "wow" that I've seen similar illusions do, it just looks like a zoom/morph. And what Bella says about adding an amusing VO would go a long way in keeping people from getting bored.

Totally agree with you on that bella. That would definitely help make it less tedious to watch.

Yes, I think Bella makes a very good point: it needs to have sound to try to keep the audience's attention without the whole thing coming across as being cheesy to them. Something that is going to be very difficult to do, I think.

"Happiness is overrated."

"give me some room, nurse.... defibrillator...... stand clrear......."

"time..... 2.55pm"

To be honest its nice to get so much attention! we put it together in about half an hour. A voice over would have been lovely. i couldn't agree more, but it would have to be the right voice over and you would be amazed at how many girls sound rubbish on a recording. we actually put some music it to, taken from the sound track of jonny briggs... but allas we had already posted this version onto youtube. Much to our supprise the hit rate just went bannanas.

Which, to be honest, is all that matters. (we must have done something right as now we have over 27,000 hits in just two days)

One thing that you guys do seem to be forgetting, is that this is a spec ad and how far this idea could be taken. Dare i say it, alternative media spin offs, ambient medias, inserts.... i'm not saying that this viral doesn't need a little bit of tweeking. in advertsing there is no room for lack of vision, the inn is already full.

So everybody just dismount a second, what hell, lets tell a few jokes. you guys need something to lightening up.

oh yeah, my appologies to dabitch. you didn't say they were stiff i beleive your precise words were "they like to bitch".

27,000 hits on youtube to look at tits. What a surprise and what a ringing endorsement.

I'll say what everyone else here seems too kind to say. The spot's a total waste of time and energy. Tedious, boring, and not worth another word.

Actually my exact words in context were:

Does this mean you have a digital file of this film that you could email us? If so, please do and we'll post it. We like quicktimes (if you have another format we can convert). Our users are known to bitch about youtube embeds.

And our contact page (which you used to contact me) states "Don't send us youtube links send us the film!", so I was spelling out the reason why, thinking that perhaps you had ignored that line due to not understanding why we ask for Quicktimes. All you sent from the start was a youtube link, no extra information or even your full names spelled out. We toss mails like that every day. (the "we" is not royal in this context, four people read the emails sent through the contact form.)

Wooooohhh there Hi Ho silver! here's some hay and drink of water.

Did I forget to mention that it's also only a 1000 hits behind the recent wonderbra viral ad and its holding the number one spot for the most linked comedy this week.

Were you too lazy to look?... you must be getting old girl, don't worry you'll make good glue.

all that cutting and pasting you'll come in handy.

There are any number of reasons one looks at a video on youtube, and quality and creativity are not necessarily among them. The Mike Huckabee - Chuck Norris spot got almost 200,000 hits in the first 24 hours, so your tour de force pales in comparison to that Über-creative crap. Maybe people are flocking to see your vision to laugh at it. I would if I hadn't been bored to tears by it here first.

i admit there was an element of spin (i just can't help myself). however you lot do like to bitch.

Hits does not equal good. That's just an asinine comment to make. It's about as asinine as thinking this piece of rubbish was really anything ground-breaking

It's sad when someone can't take constructive criticism and has to turn it into a flame war. 

Good job, I like it.

Warning: it can go to your head

See you on my blog www.federicorusso.com


i was so intrigued i went and had a peek at the Mike Huckabee - Chuck Norris. i'd never seen it. i can't thank you enough. i've even added it too my favourites.

ok, ok! you can have a choice your late plea bargain has been accepted.

a) Glue (i don't know what type hopefully spray mount, although i think your ego is too big to can).


(b) you can to go to the bread mill (you do look like you loose a few pounds).

whats it to be?

Listen, this is the last thing I'm going to say to you. Particularly since you've reduced the conversation to "(you do look like you loose a few pounds)," which proves you can't even construct an English sentence. I hope you're not the copy half of the team, although that would explain a lot.

I've made my bones and my resume speaks for itself. Your spec spot is garbage, and you're an ass. So screw off, and go get a job at McDonald's where you belong you talentless jackass.

brenandluke need to grow up and grow thicker skin. Three harmless comments in and they come out swinging bullshit. The idea is half-baked and might have potential if the wonderbra category of spec work wasn't already brimming with fucking fantastic work from better teams who sweat more talent than you two. Learn to spell.

Terribly sorry did I miss something, could you possibly highlight those constructive criticisms your flapping about.. As I said, a voice over is something that would make it more captivating and was a very valid and constructive point. However as you so carefully pointed out with your midis of literary skills, this is nothing groundbreaking (I haven’t made space on my shelf for a pencil). Humbly, I accept this a crass effort, but it was never meant to be anything more. I will even go as far to even agree that the “hits” argument is partially inactive. Although I will say that the majority of my hits have sprung from links. Links, may I add to blogs from all over the world (hence my pinch at fatty) and 90% of them because they like it

we have jobs sonny....x

Yeah, but pumping gas at Exxon is the best you're ever going to get.  You're not even qualified for McDonalds.

Your attempt at an ad is really laughable, worthy of all the disdain you've received here.  And your name-calling only further proves what a tasteless moron you are. So take a little more Viagra, get it up, and hit us with some more of your gratuitous bravado

someone grab a hose and put her out. Hang on here's a bag of bullshit will that do.

you need to chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
can you not detect any sense of irony in my tone?

i never intended to offend anyone who didn't need offending.

Once again you've proved my point that you lot can get pretty catty.

I don't see anyone here jumping to your defense.  And it's usually a spirited group with lots of friendly debate.  But never with the venomous vitriol that you've managed.  So my conclusion is that the only bullshit here is the crap between your ears.

62,028,285 people voted for George Bush.  I think that says it all.  Numbers mean nothing when it comes to quality.

Obviously your mom and dad have been very busy all day.

we put it together in about half an hour.

It took you that long?

"Happiness is overrated."

Ooh! Look! Cheesy magic! No talent or skill required!

Hey, brenandluke you could take your act on the road! That could be you up there on stage!

And look! It's only $23.95! Wow!

"Happiness is overrated."

brenandluke, are you going to Badland?

Watch The Spiral

"Happiness is overrated."

were you one of them by any chance?

I suppose that's an attempt on your part to liken anyone who disagrees with you to the idiot US Republicans, but no, I'm a Swede, and i have my own idiot government to worry about.Now why don't you give it a rest and bask in the sunshine of your youtube fans.  Oh, and i noticed your plea to that legion of fans to come log on to adland and give us some shit.  Where are they?From bmanandluke as they call themselves on youtube: "adland have been giving our ad a royal dissing.so if like what we've done fight the corner, log on and give em some sh*t." 

i love you mum, i love you dad.

Apparently ads aren't their only weakness.  They're still having trouble constructing simple English sentences. 

We had a glue shortage half way through. if only we had known about Hi Ho. i know its hard, but i wish he would get a move on and make his mind up.

Are you unhappy by any chance?

Blah, blah, blah... Your work still sucks.

"Happiness is overrated."

Maybe you wouldn't have a shortage of glue if you didn't eat and sniff it so much of it. Your work still sucks.

"Happiness is overrated."

brenandluke. Your. work. still. sucks.

"Happiness is overrated."

But has it cheered you up a little?

You're confusing blatant lying with spin and constructive criticism with bitching. Judging by that and your spelling you could do well with a dictionary.

More of your blah-blah. Your work always will suck.

"Happiness is overrated."


I noticed you didn't repond to my above "Badland" post. Would you care to with at least some kind of intelligence? Maybe you could explain why the explo.tv ad and your spec ad look similar, and are identical in concept?

Is that where you ripped the idea from for your junk spec ad?

"Happiness is overrated."

One piece of advice, brenandluke, (as if you are going to take it) Adland is a publicly viewed professional ad site. This isn't YouTube. There are a lot of professional ad people here who post, and many more who just lurk. You never know who is viewing your work, and reading your posts. You just might be showing the wrong people your asinine behavior without even knowing it; however, you're just a child playing a game of advertising make-believe.

"Happiness is overrated."

Excellent point, TDD, like Kazza above who used to produce for Victoria's Secret.

I don't think brenandluke had any clue who he (they) would be dealing with here.

Maybe that's why brenandluke immediately resorted to juvenile comments with so much 'keyboard courage' rather than try to defend the YouTube level garbage they created and sent to Adland.

The irrelevant remarks, the name calling, and the insults will not change the fact their spec spot is unoriginal crap. He (they) doesn't seem able to understand that.

"Happiness is overrated."

Yes, the anonymity of the internet seems to empower people to say and do things they would never attempt in a different setting. Which is why I reveal exactly who I am here along with my professional credentials in film and advertising. If I'm going to comment, regardless of whether it's praise or criticism, I'm going to take responsibility for those words, and I'll add that there have been times when I've said things here that I might have worded more carefully or kindly.

brenandluke, whomever they are, certainly have a right to defend their work. But once they resorted to the name calling, and the "vitriol" as Kazza called it, they lost any credibility. I would never belittle myself by engaging in the type of personal attacks they have. And it's quite obviously those very attacks which have earned them the scorn here which they so richly deserve. In addition to the ad itself.

That ad looks really low-budget...

no shit sherlock!

Whatever exchanges of words you guys are having over whether it's good, whether it's not, whether it's low budget ( personally I think it's a great simple idea that shows just what a Wonderbra does, that translates into any language) it's academic really.

It's been viewed by over 200,000 people of You Tube in a week, which should be judged to be a massive success of concept over budget.

I am about to post an article with Artemis Pro preaching the use of video in marketing and I think that I am required to use this video.

I have been very sucessful with vids so far and it just happens that I occasionally need a non-commercial advertisement just to keep people interested for the fun aspect.

Cheers from France

You can use the contact form on brenandluke's user page to reach them regarding their video.

Ten million flies can't be wrong: eat shit.

we are a team a researchers in France, Turkey, England and Finland.
Our research deals with the concept of brand authenticity.
We found very interesting your work about Wonderbra and would be very glad to interview you for 10-15 mn about your creation.
Thank you for your interest

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