Worksafe - Shoe Store - (2010) :30 (Australia)


Worksafe - Shoe Store - (2010) :30 (Australia)

There's no horror films on tonight, so I'm watching Australian PSA's instead. They're like the popcorn shrimp of horror flicks.

Client: WorkSafe Victoria
Agency: Grey, Melbourne
Production Company: Soma Films
Director : Sean Meehan
Ant Shannon (Executive Creative Director)
Nigel Dawson (Creative Director)
Pete Becker (Art Director)
Nigel Dawson (Copywriter)
Jess Smith (Agency Producer)



What was that? Is that the whole clip?

No! Oh that was weird, my bad. Was having connection issues last night, didn't see that it chopped my file. Replaced it now.

Oh shit, same thing happened to me 12 years ago! Adland is becoming my biography (I am starting to think about royalties again).


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