Sadly, this is not airing during the Super Bowl, but World of Tanks foes have two back-to-back spots that will air between the first and second quarters which feature parodies of Real Housewives and House Hunters shows. This one in particular is quite biting in its satire of Erectile Dysfunction ads. In this case, the older gentlemen is confident in his um, abilities, with the help of fictional ED drug Stiffedra. Every pharma trop here is lampooned. From the hot tub, to the cheesy music and voice over who ensures us: "You're a man who knows how to get things done. That's why Stiffedra helps you rise to the occasion." Enter the tank that rolls over the hot tub. The delightfully silly non sequitur tagline completes the deal. "In a world of tanks, tanks rule." It's as if some adolescents were given the key to Madison Avenue. Perfect. Watch the less pervy but still hilarious Real Awful Moms and Teensy House Buyers that will air during the Super Bowl as well as another offline spot, "Fantasy Sports Bros."

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