Wreck and Salvage ad mashup


Wreck and Salvage ad mashup

Wreck & Salvage LLC are a self-descibed "collective of three like-minded artists producing original video content for the internet. We share a love of rust and rotting wood, postcard landscapes and decaying industry." Their original content is usually a mashup of old TV clips and available as a videopodcast on their site.

Inside, a bizarre medley of ads that still haunt our nightmares. Remember Clap on/Clap off? After this you'll never get it out of your head. Eeek! They call it "Call and response", I'm sure subliminal messages are in there.. Have the urge to be sure to clap and raise my arms.... Must resist.... dancing... Oh god!

See their page call and response for other formats.

Wreck & Savage



That almost did my head in.

That was amazing. Very requiem for a dream.

Original content indeed.

Weird indeed I say.

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