Wrigley Xcite - Dog Breath (2003) - 0:30 (UK) BANNED


Wrigley Xcite - Dog Breath (2003) - 0:30 (UK) BANNED

Chew on this - Wrigley«s has broken the record for most Independent Television Commission complaints of a TV commercial in the UK - nearly 700 and counting with their spot for Xcite gumballs. According to the story at CNN«s site, the record was previously held by Levi«s (544 complaints in 1998). Not surprisingly, the Xcite spot has been yanked, although I do have to give the creative team and Wrigley credit for bringing to light a dilemma suffered by millions in the target audience and coming up with the cure in a decidedly clutter-busting way. Besides, it beats shaving your tongue.

Superadgrunts, click continue to witness the majesty of dog breath taken quite literally...



Clutter-busting, yes. But I think this guy's got a bigger problem than needing a few mints.

Besides, I never understood "dog breath" to literally mean 'your breath smells like a dog', but rather 'your breath smell's like a dog's breath.'

Unless it's a wet dog, fresh from rolling in a carcass (suddenly I get why the little ones may've been scared)...

Nonetheless, I'm tempted to try this spot out on the neighbor children... an impromptu focus group, if you will.

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