It's CASE STUDY season, and here's yet another case study, kids. Case studies are filled with numbers, and have "problem, idea, solution, result" style storytelling.

With their natural habitat – ice – rapidly melting away, the 25,000 population of polar bears in the Arctic region is facing extinction. Estimates indicates that only ⅓ may survive by 2050, and the ice level last year has reached its minimum, showing a gap of the size of Turkey compared to the minimum level in 2007.

So the idea is to spread the word about the plight of the polar bears with the website, where users can buy a bear, increase their habitat and tweet/facebook/social-media-spread it to their friends. In other words, the usual. But wait, there's more "Russian outdoor media learned about the website and offered us free outdoor advertising..." why, that's fantastic ... "major Russian online media, and Russian livejournal also decided to lend us a hand.. for free". If you pause the screen when you hear the words "for free" you'll see a screendump from Adland too.

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