Wyoming Department of Health - Need Patch - (2013) :15 (USA)

So there's this man and a pirate at a crosswalk. What? Yes, I said a pirate. A man and a pirate at a crosswalk. It's not even a very nice pirate it's kind of a crazy hobo pirate but not in the Captain Jack style of pirate which really is just Johnny Depp does his impression of Keith Richards, but I digress. Man and a pirate... YES HE TOOK HIS PATCH. Look, I don't know about you but when ads are this weird it's best just t let them do their thing. Hush now child, and watch that weird again.

Client: Wyoming Department of Health Tobacco Prevention Program Manager: Joe D’Eufemia Tobacco Cessation Coordinator: Kathi Wilson Public Information Officer: Kim Deti Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design Creative Director: Mike Sukle Art Director: Andy Dutlinger Broadcast Producer: Michon Schmidt Account Supervisor: Dan Schultz Production Company: Recommended Media Director: Alex Feil Partner/Executive Producer: Jeffrey Rohrer Founder/CEO: Stephen Dickstein Partner/Executive Producer: Phillip Detchmendy Line Producer: Sean Cooley Director of Photography: Jeff Vendetti Art Director: Ricardo Jattan Editorial: Nomad Editorial Editor: Kevin Clark Assistant Editor: Marshall Thompson Post Production Supervisor: Ali Leininger VFX Artists: Josh Kirschenbaum, Talia Marash
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