This quiet, poetic anti-smoking ad offers up all the things people could do if they quit smoking.

It's interesting they chose to go the pensive route, as it's trying to appeal to people on not just an emotional but an existential level. And while the usual "do it for your health and family," reasons do get highlighted here, we also have someone who wants to be active, as well as someone who wants to taste their food again. The latter is is quite an interesting motivation that usually doesn't get talked about. (As a side note, when I lived in Montreal, I used to play a game of guessingl which restaurant had smokers in the kitchen based on how over salted the food was.)

It's a refreshing take on one level to show people this way, and not take the usual heavy handed approach, as in "If I quit smoking I won't end up carrying around an oxygen tank."

I'm not a smoker, though, so I'm curious as to how this will be received among people who do. WIll it be a good motivator?

Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design
Creative director: Mike Sukle
Art director: Andy Dutlinger
Copywriter: Elliot Nordstrom
Agency producer: Michon Schmidt
Director: Jovan Todorović
Cinematographer: Starr Whitesides
Editor: Mandy Brown @ Sunset Edit
Colorist: Derek Hansen @ MPC - Los Angeles
Sound designer & mixer: Rommel Molina @ 740 Sound
Production Designer: David Courtemarche
Stylist: Elise Velasco
Makeup artist: Erika Melody

Production company: More Media
Executive producer: Stephen Buchanan & Kyle Hill
Line Producer: Kyle Hill


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