Xbox tipped as winner in Cannes


Xbox tipped as winner in Cannes

Many things have been tipped to win in Cannes, and some already have. Saatchi and Saatchi .dk won Gold for their Audi poster where the actual poster is made out of sheet metal, and the audi and headline is painted on with anti-rust coating. Guess what happens after a few weeks?

meanwhile, who will win the film categories, and the elusive Grand Prix is debated everywhere.. Some of the film favorites include the Xbox banned advert - where a man lives his life in thirty seconds. Another tipped favorite is the Fox Sports "nailgun" - which can be viewed in Badland due to it's resemblance idea wise to the Zenith ads. And any old ad in fact, as that idea isn't very original.

Levis "Oddessy" might be the one that walks home with the gold. Though I at least, wish a surreal japanese TV commercials wins, just once.

Read more to see fred & farids xbox ad "Champagne".(super adgrunts only)


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