In this spot a man becomes two men and walks toward camera speaking in English on the right side and Spanish on the left side. He tells us the world he envisions has no division, which is ironic since he has literally separated from himself in this spot. But never mind the visual puzzle, he's talking all about duality which is something I can get behind. What does this have to do with Comcast xfinity, you ask? Well, you wouldn't know it from the spot until the last two seconds, but with xfinity x1, customers can talk in English or Spanglish when using voice command on their TV's, or even both, within the same sentence. That's actually a really cool benefit as usually it's one or the other only. That would have been an interesting spot.

Actually what would have been a fantastic spot would have been if the guy said: "Hi, we're Comcast. And we believe in unity. We don't care what language you speak. We believe in gouging all our customers. And we promise to keep doing so in your language and in all languages. Te digo la neta!

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