XXL - Airport Love (2014) 1:40 (Norway)


XXL - Airport Love (2014) 1:40 (Norway)

To be aired all across Scandinavia, XXL sports apparel shows us an airport full of men doing their olympic best to impress on a pretty lady. Former world champion of freestyle football Anders Solum does some really fancy footwork, while Edward Strand (alpine) and Sune Wentzel (frisbee) impress with tricks of their own. The woman however ignores their attempts, and with that the stunts get bigger every step of the way... Before the punchline, there's a heart built our of humans and horses prancing on their hindlegs as a crowning achievement.

The punchline is of course that the woman who attracted all this attention is playing for the other team.

I'm not saying this is predictable but I'll just note that the creative people involved are: Jon Erik Skiælder og John Draleke. The client buyers are Tom Erik Kjønø and Andreas Hauger. The ad was directed by Bjørn Stein and Måns Mårlind. The music was made by Tommy Tysper. The idea was sold by Ole Marius Simonsen and produced by Gard Andreassen on the agency side and Kalle Wessblad at the production company side - and yes you read that right it's a 100% male team. Not that I'm saying using lesbian women as punchline prop is a really typical male idea or anything. It's just really predictable.

Agency: Schjærven Reklamebyrå
Account Director: Ole Marius Simonsen
Creatives: Jon Erik Skiælder, John Draleke
Agency Producer: Gard Andreassen
Production Company: Camp David, Stockholm
Producer: Kalle Wessblad
Directors: Bjørn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Location: Lleida Airport, Spain
Line Producer: Dominic Bolus, Widescope Productions
Postproduction: The Chimney Pot, Stockholm
Music: Tommy Tysper


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