is launching a new multimedia campaign, entitled “Open for Anything™,” that will debut on Friday, October 23 and air throughout the holiday season.

The ‘Open for Anything’ campaign reflects the brand’s attitude in a humorous, unexpected way.

The broadcast spots, created by the BurnsGroup, were directed by Tarsem, winner of the Cannes Best Director award. His acclaimed directorial work ranges from the award-winning R.E.M. music video “Losing My Religion” to the 2000 feature film “The Cell” (starring Jennifer Lopez) and dozens of commercial advertising spots for the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Levis.

The first commercial, entitled “Tragedy,” depicts a couple lamenting a spilled bottled of wine through over-the-top operatic dialogue. However, the “tragedy” is averted when the man triumphantly reveals “we have more!” and produces two new bottles. A second execution, entitled “Swirl,” shows a romantic meeting that occurs when wine magically swirls from a woman’s glass into a man’s empty glass nearby. Moments later the couple is married.

Planned spending for the campaign, which will appear in national television, online, and in-store is $7 million.

Created by the BurnsGroup Directed by Tarsem
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