This lovely bit of story telling is my favorite kind. It doesn't involve sex, so much as implied sex. Woman wakes up all bed headed and looking for more sexy time. Dude isn't there, so she slips on her shoes and dress and runs to his place. just when you think it's more sexy time-- nope! Gotta spray that Opium first. Because it's addicting. Opium. Geddit? And apparently the sexy time was so good, the dude swapped her perfume as a memento.
Might have to get some for the lady woman.

Oh, and as a note, I showed this to Dabitch. The only problem with it, she says, is the whole running in those heels part. First she puts them on in the hotel, then when she's running in the lighted tunnel she's holding them, then they're back off. Consistency, people. Consistency.

Great track, too.

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