What is this feeling coming over me? It's the desire to look sullen and smoke a lot and hang out in Eurotrash bars with a sultry lady with fabulous eyeshadow and perch atop a dance floor/arboretum until the sprinklers spray suggestively on top of half naked dancers. I want to walk passed a cracked mirror where someone's scrawled Never Ending Night until I find my angel and make out next to sparks and under strobe lights until I reach a rooftop. I want my pelvis to move to the throbbing synth bass line to cheezeball Dutch electro pop. Why oh why do I feel so uncontrollably sexy???!
It must be YSL.

CLIENT Yves Saint Laurent Beauté – L’Oréal Luxe CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Stephan Bezy: International General Manager – YSL Beauté: David Iop: VP Global Communication and image – YSL Beauté Eva Erdmann: International Marketing Director Fragrances / Make-up – YSL Beauté Maxime Scheyen Group Manager | International Marketing Fragrances Nassim Hamek: Product Manager International Marketing Fragrances AGENCY: BETC LUXE AGENCY MANAGEMENT Brune Buonomano: Managing Director Imane Touati: Account Manager Jasmine Loignon: Creative director Güllit Baku: Copywriter Mathilde Fallot: Artistic Director PRODUCTION COMPANY: PHANTASM SOUND PRODUCTION COMPANY GUM – Green United Music "Ghostcity," by Thomas Azier Colin Tilley: Director