What is this feeling coming over me? It's the desire to look sullen and smoke a lot and hang out in Eurotrash bars with a sultry lady with fabulous eyeshadow and perch atop a dance floor/arboretum until the sprinklers spray suggestively on top of half naked dancers. I want to walk passed a cracked mirror where someone's scrawled Never Ending Night until I find my angel and make out next to sparks and under strobe lights until I reach a rooftop. I want my pelvis to move to the throbbing synth bass line to cheezeball Dutch electro pop. Why oh why do I feel so uncontrollably sexy???!
It must be YSL.

CLIENT Yves Saint Laurent Beauté – L’Oréal Luxe CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Stephan Bezy: International General Manager – YSL Beauté: David Iop: VP Global Communication and image – YSL Beauté Eva Erdmann: International Marketing Director Fragrances / Make-up – YSL Beauté Maxime Scheyen Group Manager | International Marketing Fragrances Nassim Hamek: Product Manager International Marketing Fragrances AGENCY: BETC LUXE AGENCY MANAGEMENT Brune Buonomano: Managing Director Imane Touati: Account Manager Jasmine Loignon: Creative director Güllit Baku: Copywriter Mathilde Fallot: Artistic Director PRODUCTION COMPANY: PHANTASM SOUND PRODUCTION COMPANY GUM – Green United Music "Ghostcity," by Thomas Azier Colin Tilley: Director

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  • Dabitch's picture

    This is the most 80s throwback feeling ever.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that's Lisbon. I'm telling you, Lisbon is hot right now. I'm totally going to move there, find this club and be the babe with the eyeshadow.

    Feb 23, 2017

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