The soundtrack to this beautifully shot Yves Saint Laurent spot for L'HOMME starring Vinnie Woolston is called “Blouson Noir,” by AaRON. The song reminds me of a slightly slower and more electro version of The National. This ad features Woolston, a Mercedes, some stunning scenery, and a writhing model. When he comes home she is wearing his cologne scented jacket, and the cologne bottle placed on the bed where she was writhing.
The insight if you can call it an insight, that men's cologne make women horny, is nothing new.
If you grew up in the 80's, or fall down the commercial archive rabbit hole at regular intervals, you've probably seen an amazingly cheesy ad of a woman in what one can safely assume is post-self-exploration moment who then finds herself wearing her dude's Brut-scented shirt and hat. After she takes her panties off. When the phone rings and she answers it in a bedroom voice saying "I was just thinking about you." And it is set to some gloriously sleazy porno sax, too. If you haven't seen it, you need to right now.

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