Z100 Radio Station- Times Square (2003) 0:30 (US)


Z100 Radio Station- Times Square (2003) 0:30 (US)

Adland trivia: Which sexy recording artist appears in a NYC radio station commercial wearing ripped short-shorts?

Or a better question: who’s going to get fired first - her stylist, agent or the commercial editor?

Hint: Opps. She never did this before.

Superadgrunts, click read more to view this commercial, over and over and over again.

The answer: Britney Spears. Like, duh.



How about firering the agency? This ad is crap through and through. The soundedit is terrible.

I hate to think some agency produced this poor spot. It could've been done in-house....with the DJs writing and directing the spot.

Ahhh... the self-enforced awfulness of a radio station tv commercial - visually loud, obnoxious, mish-mashy and messy with a splash of dorkitude.

And I'm betting the rip was completely, absolutley, no-doot-aboot-it intentional. After all, her image wranglers have been trying like the dickens to shed her Disney princess bubblegum pablum plastic image and turn her into another Aquilera.

No "Oops" here. Next, they'll probably send her to Hustler.

that overpaid exotic dancer lost her Disney princess image when she posed sexually suggestive at the tender age of 14 in the Face. I don't know why people think she's clean cut, she frolics half naked on stages with snake fer crying out loud. ;))

HAHAA. This Ad blows more than her!!! I can totally see the station dj's directing the ad HAHAHAHAHA!

you're probably right.

and whats with the hairband on her wrist? can't afford real jewlery nor clothes dear? this is beyond sad, they probably blew their entire production budget on this.. this.. whatever name you think suits her. (talentless tw't comes to mind)

In the rear view window, this ad was a preminition of things to come, wasn't it? ;9

It certainly was, even Z100's own webpage announces that Brit's 16 year old sister is pregnant this morning.  

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