Hello and welcome to this weeks Dutch class. In this commercial, there are two words spoken as dialogue and you'll find they're very useful. First word "Lekker", said as he gets his cup of coffee, which simply means tasty. Now you can say this as a "thanks for the coffee" or as a "damn, dat ass", so careful how you wave that "lekker" about. Second word spoken is "jonges" which means "guys" and just like the word dude, this can mean anything depending on context and intonation.

So in this ad we follow a bunch of guy friends through life. They move in with their boyfriend, propose to their girlfriend, find that they knocked up their wife, go on safari, and work their way to music stardom. Like this guy gang, Ziggo is "voor altijd verbonden" - forever connected. So if you want a mobile network for all your gadgets that also apparently works in Africa, you know who to call now. The editing always bringing us to the same action gets a little tedious, but I can see why they wanted to do that.

Ad agency: Tribal DDB, Amsterdam