Boost Mobile - Stay Living / Zombie apocalypse - (2013) (Australia)

It's like an epic Zombie apocalypse movie trailer. Hey, have you noticed that zombies have taken over the role mimes used to have in Adland? All hail Romero, I wonder how perplexed he feels about zombies used to sell stuff. Speaking of selling, after you've been thoroughly entertained by the zombie-splatter in this ad you might wonder what it is selling. Cell-phone service. You see, when the zombie apocalypse happens, Boost Mobile is still going to be around. They're manning the antennas & HQ with robots I presume.

Or as they say:
Don't get trapped. Don't be locked in. Stay Living

Well OK then. Still, everyone who wishes this was areal teaser for a future TV series raise their cellphones. Yep yep.

Eskom Switch, 2013 1:00 (South Africa)

Frieze Films and Rob Malpage direct this spot for power company Eskom for Saatchi and Saatchi Johannesburg.

The circumstances surrounding the shoot were a bit tricky. Rob wanted to shoot Telkom’s National Control Room, because power grids are awesome, doncha know. But the place has severely restricted access. So Rob recreated it thanks to the magic of art direction and CGI.

The message is pretty much what you'd expect from a power company: