Åsk is the Elite


Åsk is the Elite

Åsk and Adland is put on the swedish mag Att:entions list of the new media-elite!

(I have tried to interpret the Swedish lingua...)

"When it comes to marketing Åsk Wättling rules the net. More known as "Dabitch" she runs the blog "Adland" which entice thousands of marketingnerds all over the world."

Yeah. The Swedish Adland-gang is proud as hell since the rest of the list is not that good. But hey, finally... :)

See also: Ekonominyheterna.se - The new Media Elite List 2006


We two are as one! *grin*

ha! That was a weird sync. ;)

saw the article last week! congratulations, it's well deserved for the great work you do here on adland!!!!

Thankyou. :)
What? It was in the paper last week? Oi, I'm so behind on my reading-of-absolutly-everything.

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