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    So their largest demos are college kids and prisoners... I think the prison population is being sadly ignored here. Forget Carrot Top - there's dozens of B&C list perponalities who would make great 1-800-CALL-ATT pitchfelons for collect calls.

    Robert Blake: "Dial down the middle or I'll shoot you."

    Marion "Suge" Knight: "Dial down the middle or I'll have you shot."

    Lizzie Grubman: "Dial down the middle or I'll drive my Mercedes SUV over you."

    Charles Manson: "Dial down the middle or I'll sing you a song. And sic Squeaky after you."

    Ted Kaczynski: "If you dial down the middle, I'll mail you a package. Technology is evil."

    ... ok. Maybe it won't work so well after all.

    May 07, 2003
  • tlevitz's picture

    Lest you forget "When you have to make your 'one phone call' call...."

    On one hand, Carrot Top's a genius move. I can't stop staring at him (just so odd-looking, plastic-ky)... is he real or CGI? I drop everything to analyze the mystery that is Carrot Top. And that "dial down the center" chant just lodges in one's mind like a tick or something.

    On the other, I can't say I've been inspired to start ringing my friends up collect... um, quite the opposite actually. 'Tho dialing down the center is quite easy to remember those nights when you're picked up by the police for public drunkenness (may that never happen, knock on wood)...

    May 07, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    I barely dare to admit this but.....

    When I was in College, Carrot Top's pun-ridden prop-gags had me screaming of laughter.

    The ads however, annoy the hell out of me. It's Carrot Top Parody of Carrot Top.

    H'es looking weirder now too, perhaps he's plucked his eyebrows or gone under the knife. I swear he's younger now that ten years ago...

    May 11, 2003

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