15 Logo Design Trends


15 Logo Design Trends

Top fifteen Graphic Design Logo trends.
Even adgrunt GrapefruitDesigns logo is trotted out as an example.

How many logo's can you think of in each one of the fifteen described categories? Here's two examples of the transparency trend - Altria (US) and Comhem (Sweden).



Damn, I am guilty of three.


hahahaha! I'm guilty of that photo-logo thing. Must. Stop. Now.

I some guys are still working on this old trend. I think we should change and be creative.

One way to change could be: don't spam* your links with useless comments: by a banner ad here instead. You'd help to support the site AND alert the audience you so want to woo with your message. Like, whodathinkit?

* spamlink placed in your comment has been removed to make an example out of you. I'm not sorry. I rule this place, and the TOS backs me up.

this is kinda interesting and creative work (Y)

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