2006 Good, Bad and Ugly Awards

Wieden & Kennedy (Portland and New York) won both AWNY's Grand Goods for Nike and ESPN in print and TV. Check out the Nike Women print here. Below to view the ESPN TV spot.

Read on for the Ugly.

The Grand Ugly for Print went to three ads, "Perfectly Cut", "Call of the Wild", and "Finely Tuned" for Milwaukee's Best beer by Mother NY. (top)

The Grand Ugly for TV went to Carl's Jr./Hardees for the soapy Paris Hilton.

Carol Evans, President of AWNY and CEO of Working Mother Media stated, "What's truly unique about this year's Grand Good print ad and so many of our Good winners is that the ads embrace the things about a woman's body that advertising has often made us feel ashamed of. We don't need to downplay or hide our "thunder thighs," and "big butts" but need to take pride in what makes each of our individual bodies special."

According to Mark Wnek, Lowe New York, "As the head of Lowe New York, the host agency for this year's show, I can safely say AWNY and the women I work with have enlightened me on the subject of how best to sell to women. What man can't afford to learn that lesson, hell they control 80% of all household spending."

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Paris wins every year huh? Must be nice to know that nobody can topple her off the ugly-throne.

    Apr 30, 2006

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