2006 Radio Mercury Award Winners


2006 Radio Mercury Award Winners


The 2006 Radio Mercury Award Winners are up and the grand prize of $100,000 goes to the hilarious read of a failed night at a Japanese restaurant by DeVito/Verdi for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.
You can listen to the winner "Sushi" by clicking here. Good stuff!


So the old make-something-sound-like-a-horse-race shtick still won someone 100 grand, eh.

I don't know what to make of the fact that some campaigns keep on winning (like this one). Real american heroes pulled a hat trick. Does this mean there's no other great radio ads? Or do they not enter? I still think the sushi one was funny tho.

Yeah, it's really hard to believe that this is the best radio of 2005. For a shot at 100k alone it's worth snatching up all the radio briefs you can find.

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