30 Seconds Over Pakistan

Remember that $15 million "Shared Values" initiative the USA tried to mount not long ago? Dubbed the "Happy Muslims" campaign, with its antiseptic profiles of Muslims living in the U.S., it sparked a firestorm of outrage across the Muslim world, forcing the government to pull the ads and ultimately leading to the resignation of State Department PR guru Charlotte Beers.

Well, here we go again. The Guardian: US takes to the airwaves in hunt for Bin Laden . This time, Washington is launching a new campaign that it hopes will connect emotionally with Pakistani tribesmen who might be harboring Osama bin Laden. Hey, the $25 million didn't work. Maybe a really nice commercial will. From The Guardian:

As photos of Bin Laden and 13 other wanted men flicker across the screen a voice implores: "Who are the people who are suffering from terrorism? Our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters! Who can stop these terrorists? Only you!"

The 30-second ads, broadcast in Pakistan's five main languages, also dangle a $25m (£13m) carrot before potential informers - one that might soon double thanks to a new law passing through Congress.

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