350 promises that Supermodels will strip naked if you talk to your politicians

This commercial might not be getting the idea across as too much skin is getting in the way. In it, models strip down 40 items of clothing to bouncy music and promise to remove the last two bits if you "get your politicians to act now". Makes you wonder where the (probably) already produced ad with the models stark naked is. I bet hidden in a locked vault far away from entrepreneurial interns grubby hands.

The Denver Egotist want to jump into action right now. The wrong action:;

‘Cause the hotter it gets, the more clothes they take off. We’re getting ready to light our pleather couch on fire now. There we go, burn baby burn.

350.org has done much better than this before, generating miles of press with their over 19,000 Flickr photos from around the world of the " most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history". Seems they were doing just fine without having to all PETA on us now.