4th amendment wear: metallic ink print shows up in the full body X-ray machine

Now they can see your keys, your junk and...the 4th Amendment thanks to the metallic print on your 4thamendmentwear-underwear.

It's clear that nobody is looking forward to air travel now that the full body scan protest is set to bring on mass delays. Today is Opt Out day, and people are foregoing the scanners opting for pat-downs instead. Meanwhile, there's another option: have yourself scanned wearing the 4th amendment underwear, socks, and your kids can play along too whilst wearing kids wear that simply states: "READ THE 4TH AMENDMENT, PERVERTS"

Brilliant underwear-idea is all the fault of @timogeo and @mattryans y'all should follow them.

What do scientists think of these high-tech full bodyscanners that seem sprung straight from a scene in "Total Recall"? They think "cancer", that's what. So there's another reason to skip the scanner.

Red Flags of Backscatter Machines

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