Steve Jobs has ripped'em a new one. The latest batch of iMac ads, five in all, has now been released to the teeming masses. Love them or hate them, the expanded designs of the iMac shell were created to get attention, and it worked.

Cheerfully missing the voiceover of Jeff Goldblum (Sorry Jeffers - You're a fine actor with a distinct oratory skill, but it was time to move on.), the new spots rely on the eye candy of the iTunes sound visualization capabilities and the brand spankin' new Flower Power and Dalmatian iMac exteriors to woo you in. Then there's the easy to comprehend rip'n'burn CD-makinˆ message. Plus, five genres of music to boot!

Find them HERE.

One superb bit of irony (the Alanis kind): Spot #3 features the modern classic "The Radio Still Sucks," by a group called the Ataris.

NOTES: I know there's a plethora of software out there for both platforms that give you a light show in time to the music you play on your rig, but kudos to Apple for being one of the first to exploit it for commercial gain. Along with the new shell designs (which have been described as everything from "girly" to "hippy" to "ugly" by poopyhead naysayers who still can't see beyond neutral almond/tope/grey/eggshell/cream systems), Jobs and Company know who they're going after. Love them or hate them, its a strong, simple message and damn good advertising.

Client: Apple

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