7 ways to kill an idea: the illustrated guide

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7 ways to kill an idea: the illustrated guide


Bytesized labnotes has An illustrated guide to seven ways to kill an idea. Enlarge the image to see the delicate illustrations by Scott C in their full glory. If you like his style you should check out his Double Fine action comics.

Update To kill an idea is competing in Eurobest.


Hi Dabitch, maybe i am wrong, but for me, those comics were made by a portuguese Agency named FUEL (cf the signature on the left).

Or did they only use these for their own promotion?

Mathieu aka http://publigeekaire.

Hey Publigeekaire, sure, but Scott C is still the illustrator.

Shouldn't that be 8 ideas? ;-)

Hahaha, you're so right - just named the link the same thing as the headline over at Bytesized labnotes

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