72 dpi - won.


It's settled.

Tough choice. Funny, clever and sarcastic they all had their charms. "got haiku envy?" still makes me laugh.
It's a shame I don't have ten more books or other prizes to send as I quite enjoyed all the entries. Finally I settled on the Haiku I always returned to, because it's rather true....

Clayton, you're getting some mail I know you'll enjoy.

foul domestic beer
skunky vile amber water
sell it with boobies
new colours old game
pink aqua or purple shell
insides taste the same
mediocre car
sadly lacking sex appeal
license a rock song
two rival colas
britney, shakira futile
coke mixes with rum

Terribly true

and waferbaby's that i kept laughing at:

my haiku kicks arse.
what are you looking at, punk?
got haiku envy?

Big thanks to everyone that took a crack at the Haiku game that cracked me up.

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