Absolut TV for Absolut Raspberri


Absolut TV for Absolut Raspberri


Absolut Vodka is doing TV-advertising for the first time. When releasing the Absolut Raspberri version of the Swedish vodka-line the campaign works integrated: the spots shows well-known artists painting "their" Absolut Vodka Raspberri-bottle and in printads and on the billboards these bottles will be shown. The taglines is "Absolut Release" and "Unleash the Raspberry." The last is another step from the company's brand-concept.

It's (of course) TBWA/Chiat/Day NYC who do the fandango on the Absolut-brand.

(New York Times)


Raspberri? I'm beginning to hate their inane flavour names.

Lemon? ;) ... The Mandarin is just Swedish but raspberri is really strange... And the Kurant is boring - although "kurant" in Swedish is meaning "cured, not-ill". But as dab is commenting the newsflick at Researcher.se - why not name it "Svart vinbär" which is the correct Swedish name.

Yes I would have much preferred if they went all the way with the Swedish names idea.
Absolut, Absolut Peppar, Absolut Mandarin, Absolut Citron, Absolut Vanilj, Absolut Svart Vinbär and now Absolut Hallon!

Vanilj? Have Absolut released a vanilla-tasted line-extension?

The Cariel T&Q Vanilla Vodka is hot (and it's produced in a very small industry in Dalarna). Trendy and the whole vanilla-flavored booze-trend is strong. So strong that there virtual impossible to get the hands on small bottles of taste-essences to make the Skogstjärna drink

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