An absorbing story - Does this mean that advertising actually works!?

(SOURCE: The Wichita Eagle)

At the February 21 County Commission meeting in Wichita, Kansas USA, Commissioner Ben Sciortino objected to the procurement of Scott paper towels at $8.06 per thousand when another brand was available at $3.67. However, commissioners Betsy Gwin and Tim Norton, who have perhaps seen too many TV commercials, knew immediately what to do: They sloshed down some water on the commissioners' table and tested the absorbency of each towel, with the Scott towel reportedly picking up at least twice as much water. Commissioner Sciortino quickly withdrew his objection.

Read more for a sample of the actual honest-to-gawd meeting transcripts...

... Commissioner Sciortino said, "Now, I don't want to be Mr. Wipple."

Chair McGinn said, "I do disagree with you, Commissioner Sciortino. A paper towel is not a paper towel. For those of us that do work in the kitchen on occasion."

Commissioner Winters said, "I would agree with that, too. I brought the wrong paper towel home once."

Commissioner Gwin said, "Here's the test, Ben. Empty your glass of ice water out there on the table and then see which one cleans it up." ...


Go Betsy! Woo-hoo! It's spokeswoman time!

EXTRA: If you've got time to kill (and an advanced attention span), check out the entire exchange in Adobe Acrobat format - the exchange in question starts on page 59. Ahh... commissions/committees in action. Ack!

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