Is this an ad?


Is this an ad?


Thanks to Zeldman I find this bizarre review of a book about
a duck named ping (scroll down for the brilliant Unix-bullshit). Curiosity gets the better of me...

.. And I follow the link to who wrote this, He calls himself

John E. Fracisco
and his "photo" is of Curry ...

I can't help but wonder, did I just fall for an ad? Is John a real person with a sense of humor, or is John a bunch of people, paid to be John and countless other personalities on the web, who when needed, will point their net-friends and fans towards some clever viral marketing scheme..... Seriously guys, how long will it take before what I just described will be an actual job - if it isn't already.

It is isn't it? Damn, for all I know I might be selling me something right now! *stabs own eyes out* There. Better.

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