Ad Age on ad creep

There's a fairly comprehensive article at Ad Age on the potential for backlash against "ad creep," the Mr. Hyde name for guerilla marketing tactics that push advertising into untraditional spaces.

The article cites a lot of examples of what I would call media buy expansions rather than "guerilla marketing"--the expansion of ad buys of block long scaffolding billboards is an expansion of traditional media rather than a true guerilla tactic. The studies they cite regarding public outcry are probably a bit overblown--people say they don't like TV ads either, but that doesn't stop them from watching them.

Part of the problem is that much of the ad creep is uncreative. People don't mind happening upon an ad, but it has to be subtle and make it worth their while. Ads don't HAVE to creep to be effective. And they aren't effective just because they creep. Bad advertising in new spaces is still bad advertising.

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