Ad Age Global cover winners: G2/Grey Group in Ho Chi Minh City.

Taking inspiration from a stained glass window, the cover is a kaleidoscope of brands interconnected created by Nguyen Tuong Luan, Art Director Nguyen An Hoa and Copywriter Do Duy Thien, who work at G2/Grey Group in Ho Chi Minh City.

Have a look at the colorful and clever covers here: 18 Finalists From 7 Countries.

The team tell of their late night coffee break which lead to the idea here.

So, after hours, the trio left the office on their motorbikes for a change of scenery in what they call typical Vietnamese fashion. During a coffee break around 11 p.m., Nguyen Tuong Luan, 29, looked up at the stained-glass facade of a nearby cathedral. He noticed that the "chaos" of all the small glass fragments came together to create a unified image, he said, which sparked the idea of using a kaleidoscope to show how brands connect the world.

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