The ad agency mmorpg: World of advertising




The ad agency mmorpg: World of advertising

I've been very amused by Creative beef: Game Time idea for a ad agency based mmorpg, where Art Directors weild the xacto-knife of doom, Copywriters have smart-ass blogs, Account Execs have the super power suit, Producers weild unbreakable SAG contracts, Media Buyers wave Knicks' tickets about, and Traffic can pull out The lost creative brief from their arsenal.

Now, if we place this game in crazy open landscape agencies and famous buildings such as the Chiat/Day Venice of the nineties, Kesselskramer's church or the mushroom woods of Young & Rubicam in Portugal - I'm all set!

Can someone please get on making this game? Pretty please? It's my birthday today and that's all momma wants.

P.S. For drool-worthy ad agency interiors, check out This Ain't No Disco.



I see what he's doing here, going after the gamer adgrunt market. It's a very big market.....

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