Ad agency of the year - you.


Ad agency of the year - you.


File under: bound-to-happen - after Time named you the person of the year AdAge has gone and named the consumer the ad agency of the year. Considering "the consumer" is creating what is it now, like five super bowl spots, why the heck not?


Since when is the number of Super Bowl spots part of the criteria for Agency of the Year?

consumer created commercials are so much cheaper than agency-created commercials no?

Dept spelling out the joke - does it make any sense at all to use 'cheap' creative (ie; consumer) and incredibly-overpriced-so-its-damed-stupid media? Honestly? If the consumer is agency of the year then 'random-page-on-tha-intarweb-where-consumer-hangs' should be the media, shouldn't it? These days only die-hards like us seem to pay attention to the constantly creativly declining superbowl ads.

Sorry. Clearly need more irish coffee for breakfast.

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