Ad council does global warming scare ads by killing kids - we've seen that before

"Think of the children! Won't somebody think of the children!"

The Ad Council has just come out with a campaign they trot out the old "think of the children" idea.

What a tired old idea. Remember the Daisy girl?

Yes, we've seen it before but that isn't why I don't find these ads particularly effective. Pre-kids life, I knew about recycling and energy conservation and lazily did my part with touch of electricity saving bulbs here, some can recycling there and only investing in gear that used rechargable batteries (this only because the old battery-trash cans suddenly vanished from the city I lived in in the late eighties). I wasn't consistent and kinda half-assed. Post-kid I'm a total Nazi about my carbon footprint. In other words, I think you're speaking to the wrong target, people with kids are the ones who care about kids, and they're probably already doing what you ask 24/7 - that is, think of the children.

Oh yeah, here's another one doing the classic cut between people countdown editing thing. Where I have seen that recently?

Ah yes, in the "make poverty history" every three seconds finger snapping ad.

Kudos, ad council, for showing us how it's done by recycling even your ad ideas. I think I'll go recycle all my empty cans of Jolt right now.