Ad Icon Halloween Ideas


Ad Icon Halloween Ideas


Go as the BK King or Subservient Chicken. The masks are old, but the full body King costume is a new addition.

Wendy's has the red wigs for sale - you could go as as Wendy or someone from one of the commercials.

Or how about dressing Junior up as the Pilsbury Doughboy?

You and your sprout can even dress together as the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout.

Other costume ideas: Snap, Crackle & Pop, the Verizon man, Mr. Whipple, Fanta Girls, Hamburger Helper, Mr. Peanut, or Mr. Clean.

If you're dressing up at the office, send in your pictures to share with the Adland gang.


I'm going as the Tylenol "nagging pain" thing.

Hahaha I love that idea. I was thinking of going as a Creative Brief.

hah. Happy Hallow's Eve :D

W+K Portland's Halloween festivities posted here on their blog.

Eugene Burger

The following presentations were taken from a record entitled "Spirit Theater Presents: Hauntings," which was included with the first published edition of Eugene's book Spirit Theater.

The Dollhouse of Millie Riggs

The Fox Sisters

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