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Somewhere somehow people have realized that punters do like to watch ads on occasion - provided they're the funny ones. So we've had shows like Carrot's commercial breakdown and all of it's clones for years already - now for the next step - entire channels dedicated to adverts.

The advert is a site that much like Carrot's, brings you the funniest and silliest ads from around the globe, pure advertainment. The presenters also take you behind the scenes in the making of adverts and broadcasts on the digital satellite platform Channel number 694 - all you need to do is tune in. You can advertise on the channel of course, and with this audience the viewers might even stick around to watch your ad. ;)

On the opposite end of the spectrum there's a new channel called Star, it's a bit like E! and centers around celebrities, entertainment and films, but in the midst of all the fluff there's a show that will interest us ad-men and women - MediaTV.

MediaTelevision looks inside and behind the media process: the written word and broadcast image, the single still picture, the 500 channel universe, the technology, the tricks, the techniques. It's the art of propaganda; the selling of ideas.

This weeks show tells the story of the birth of the infomercial - starring Ronco of course.

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