Ad surfing during superbowl


Ad surfing during superbowl


The scenario in AOL's superbowl ad proved true - people do surf and superbowl at the same time.

Queries on search engines were superbowl inspired. The most popular search was for Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins - he was suspended for the Super Bowl game. Other popular searching ranged from Dixie Chicks to Sting and askjeeves explaining to everyone that yes indeed, Celine Dion is Canadian and "God Bless America" is not the USA's national anthem.

Medialife magazine reports that by halftime people were already out surfing to see the commercials on the advertisers site. had great response - other advertisers discussed in detail under that link.

One out of six viewers tuned in to see the commercials rather than the bowl, and most viewers hopped online as soon they could. Could it be that URL's shown in television commercials are actually working?

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