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Adding ad agencies in ad links


Adding ad agencies in ad links

So I added a few agencies to the ad links, ad agencies in Europe, in Africa, in Australia & New Zealand, in Asia, South America and of course North America. But dangit, now my arm is really sore and there's plenty more, so fancy adding your ad agency or the ones that you admire? That would be cool, thanks. :)

Yes, only adgrunts who are logged in get to do that. Spammers need not apply, though knowing them right they will anyway. Le sigh.


You may want to remove the draftnz link. There is a DraftFCB here now and what was Draft became Rivet and much like their grand papa, IPG, they're now trailing off in to oblivion. The link you've got was the old Draft. Through some oversight they failed to take it down. I enjoyed visiting it though, only wish I bought flowers for my dear old friend.

Good point, thanks. I updated that.

Hey guys,

Rivet is certainly not trailing off into oblivion Down Under: the agency is going strong in both Australia and New Zealand!

We won one of only eight Golds awarded at the biggest Australasian ad show (AWARD) a few months ago, and we also won Gold at Cannes a few weeks ago.

There's fantastic new work coming out of both countries at the moment - including the follow-up to the multi-awarding ElectroCity website,

Check the most recent job, which has just been picked up by Creativity in the US:

Best wishes,

Chris Hunter
ECD, Rivet Australia

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