Adding links now only for adgrunts


Adding links now only for adgrunts

Hoi mates from near and far. The "add links" link, (formerly) available to all on the advertising links webpage, and in the cute little box here on the front page (as depicted), has proven to be too much fun for Russian and Israeli spammers. I once made the adding of ad-links available to anyone who fancied to add one, so that other advertising websites, for example, could add their sites without having to sign up as members (if they didn't want to). People used to email quite a lot (and some still do - please stop it) asking how to get a link listed, so I figured making the add links more obvious, and free for all to use, would be helpful.

Sadly, only the spammers caught on to this toy. Today there were 400 Russian links in the waiting to be approved queue indicating some clever bastard probably wrote a script that adds links here. I have better things to do with my days than to weed out spam. So these days we are back to the original setup, if want to add a link you have to be an adgrunt. Be logged in, only then will you be able to suggest a link. The link is still queued, and still looked over by an admin before it lands on the advertising links page.

So all ye adgrunts who have advertising portfolios, are creative recruiters/ headhunters, take pretty pictures, illustrate, design fonts or blog, etc and so on - don't forget to add your link. The resource is for you, not for spammers. :)


Gosh, while we're on the topic of SPAM, I guess I should remind everyone why the TB-link reads "avoid being mistaken for trackback SPAM, by linking to us.". Remember when I explained about Trackback and that script, that :

Any trackbacked article is checked by a script after the fact, and if it can't find a link to the Adland article that it has trackbacked it deletes the trackback. This is why we now have a little grey notice right under the trackback link, if you TB to us without linking to us you'll be mistaken for those Viagra salespeople by our unbribeable bot.

... Well, as I get to see all the deleted links, I must say it's kinda sad to see how many ad-related blogs who trackback but don't link here. There's an easy way to avoid being deleted folks. Pay attention.

I do find it fascinating that after making this post I'm getting a bunch of people emailing me asking that I add their links.

Dudes, I don't mean to sound so cranky (though as all ladies 9 months pregnant I am cranky as hell these days) but when I have made a very simple easy add link form and just complained in this post here that I don't much fancy receiving emails from people saying "add my links please" I think y'all should just figure out how to fill out that damn form yourdamnselves. MMmmkay? If the spammers can do it, so can you. Don't ask me to add your link for you.. Now if you exscuse me I must go build a baby-crib, arite?

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